A Student’s Guide to a Very Happy New Year

I’m a little late, but it’s 2020!

The biggest decade of my life as a GenZ is behind me–ten years of public education, puberty, heartbreak, friendship, drama, and Fall Out Boy. Although I’ll miss my teen years, I’m happy to say that entering my 20s feels a lot nicer.

I’m not one to jump on the resolution boat, but I do believe that the New Year is a perfect excuse to turn aspects of your life around that you’re not quite satisfied with. Wishing you were more organized? Doing better in school? Being more proactive about your future? Happier, in general?

Yeah, me too. So this week I sat down and talked about my top five tips for starting your New Year off right. I’m doing it, and so can you!

Check it out, and let me know your favourite tip down in the comments!

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