A Ryerson Dictionary

Hello everyone!

When I first started at Ryerson, there were some terms I didn’t recognize. I heard people saying acronyms all the time, but it wasn’t long until I figured out what everyone was talking about. I compiled a dictionary to help everyone get familiar with the Ryerson lingo.

General Knowledge: What you need to know!

Eggy: our mascot! Eggy the Ram is Ryerson’s official mascot, named after Ryerson’s namesake Egerton Ryerson. He’s present at most major campus events, and you’ll never know when you’ll see him around!

A GIF of Eggy the Ram doing a thumbs up

Eggy the Ram, Giphy

OneCard: this is your official Ryerson ID. Bring it with you whenever you’re on campus, as you need it to look at your student number, get into buildings after hours or for identification for quizzes, tests, and exams.

Ramily: the Ryerson community. Our students are known as the Ryerson Rams, so Rams + Family = Ramily!

RSU: Ryerson’s Student Union works to build a community on campus and offers discounted services (like discount Cineplex tickets) to students. They’re the ones giving away all the cool stuff during orientation week.

Rye-time: each class starts 10 minutes after the time on your schedule. If you have a class at 11 a.m., the professor won’t start until 11:10. It should give you just enough time to get across campus if you have back to back classes, or if you underestimated the line at Starbucks…

A GIF of female basketball players cheering, holding a basketball and throwing a basketball at the camera

Ryerson’s Women’s Basketball Team, Giphy

Ryerson Rams:  the Ryerson Rams are our athletes! Be sure to cheer them on in the multiple sports teams that Ryerson has, from hockey to basketball.





Buildings: best looked at with our campus map

DSQ: Have you ever dreamed of having classes in a movie theatre? Comfy seats, a large screen for lecture slides and the smell of popcorn? Well, some students have classes in the Cineplex and Yonge and Dundas Square. It’s even better if you have a film class here!

ENG: the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre is home to the engineering faculty and has lecture halls and labs for engineering students. Even if you’re not in engineering, you may have classes in this building!

Kerr Hall: the most confusing building on campus. The building is three floors, and the halls are divided into North, East, South, and West hallways and looks exactly like a high school, lockers and all. Once I went to find the Medical Centre and ended up at the RAC pool, true story.

MAC: the Mattamy Athletic Centre is the old Maple Leaf Gardens and is home to a fitness centre, basketball court, and hockey arena. The facilities are some of the nicest I’ve ever seen. Come final exam season, exams are written in the MAC too.

RAC: the Ryerson Athletic Centre is located under Kerr Quad (an underground gym!) and has workout areas, gyms with drop-in sports and fitness classes for just about every interest. Ryerson tuition includes memberships to both the RAC and the MAC so it’s definitely worth checking out!

RCC: the Rogers Communication Centre is home to most of the Faculty of Communication and Design and has recording studios, equipment rentals and more for students.

A GIF of the SLC with street traffic

The SLC, Giphy

SLC: the Student Learning Centre is one of Ryerson’s most well-known buildings. The glass exterior building on the corner of Yonge and Gould has eight floors for students to study or hang out.

TRSM: the Ted Rogers School of Management isn’t just home to business classes, many other lectures take place here too. It has many escalators (the first floor of TRSM is the seventh floor of the building), so don’t worry about the stairs! It’s also just past the Eaton Centre, which can lead to many after-class shopping trips. Beware!


Hopefully, this list will help anyone who needs help getting that little bit of Ryerson clarification!

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