A Quick Check-in About Decision Making…

If you are unsure of what career field interests you and it’s taking a toll on your university choices, don’t worry! You are not alone. Yes, Ryerson is a school well known for programs that are specialized and have a specific focus; however, there are times where even students may lose motivation in their major, or get inspired and change their focus(es).


 There are times where I question if I’m making the right choice. Am I getting the most out of my program? Am I preparing myself enough for the workforce?

Chances are that if you allow yourself to get too frustrated trying to make a decision, it may get worse. For instance, consider the many choices you’ll eventually be bombarded with…


  1. What do I want to do after school?
  2. Okay now that I want to be x, I need to choose a major.
  3. Now that I want to major in x, which University has the best program?
  4. If I go to Ryerson for Media Production, what courses to take?!


If you are like I was and have been stuck on the first question for a while, imagine the stress you put yourself through to pressure yourself to make the “right” decision. Throughout life  there will be MANY choices you’ll have to make, and it’s important to not only trust your instincts, but to understand that even if you make a choice you regret later – there are no losses, only lessons.


Like many Canadian universities, Ryerson is an institution that allows you to fail multiple times and bounce back. By failure I mean not being sure of something, making a choice and learning from the outcome to make better choices. My experience at Ryerson has showed me that this school actually encourages new ideas, innovation and provides opportunities for discovery within the curriculum. You will be fully supported in whichever major you choose, and even more if you feel like you need to change your whole degree.


So rest assured you have nothing to fear. As those deadlines approach, remember to trust your instincts and pursue what makes you happy!



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