A day in the life of a Creative Industries student

Let’s talk about it: no one really knows exactly what to expect when they first start university. What will classes be like? How big are my classes? Do I have to raise my hand and ask to go to the bathroom? These are all questions that I, or people I knew, had when we first started university. As well, the current *global situation* (thanks COVID-19) has made this all a little muddier. 

One thing I found helpful when starting university was watching videos about that university by students who went there. I got real information about what being a student at that university was like. 

I decided to help out anyone who may be like me, and I made “A day in the life of a Creative Industries student” vlog. I talk about Creative Industries, attend online classes, go grocery shopping and more, showcasing what an average day looks like for a second-year Creative Industries student. Bonus: it’s in the middle of a historical pandemic!

Check out my video below to see a day in my life!

(Also, you do not need to ask to go to the bathroom in university. Freedom!)

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