9 Things to do in Your First Year at Ryerson

Your first year at university will fly by at an amazing and alarming pace. Before you know it, you will have written your last exam of first year and will be left to reflect on what that landmark year meant and what you did. I can’t even stress it enough that your experience will be SO MUCH BETTER if you make the most of all this school has! Here is my list of the top 10 things you should do to make the most of your first year at Ryerson!


9) Relax with friends in Kerr Quad

Nothing makes you feel quite like a part of Ryerson then taking a moment to lie in the grass of Kerr Quad with your friends. Though this isn’t an option in the colder winter months, come spring you will find everyone flocking to this green pasture for a moment of rest.



8) Have a meal at the Ram and the Rye

Our school pub is a hub of campus events and different gatherings, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also a great place to get some affordable eats! Each night the Ram has a different special and the menu has something for everyone. In your first year, whether for an event or just a bite, this is a must!


7) Learn about all Ryerson has to offer – WHICH IS ALOT

You will learn very quickly that there is so much more to Ryerson than just being a school. The amount of services, departments, and opportunities this school has are unimaginable. If you haven’t heard of the DMZ or the zone learning you will very soon. In your first year the BEST thing you can do for your long term is to start to learn about the full scope of this university, and how you can use that to help you in the long term!


6) Explore Toronto … beyond the Eaton Centre

When I moved to Toronto I knew nothing about the city, except the Eaton Centre. To me that was the centre of the whole city and Ryerson being close to it was some sort of divine blessing. I am telling you, this city is amazing and is SO MUCH more than that. Go out and see all the different neighbourhoods we have, learn about the history and culture of the world’s most diverse city!


5) Get a picture with Eggy the Ram

Ok, I am guilty of not doing this until about a month ago, but I maintain that no first year is complete without one picture with Eggy! You will see him floating around a lot throughout the year, and despite how awkward it might seem GO GET THAT PICTURE! Then you can show your mom your Ryerson spirit, and cross this off the university bucket list early!


4) Get Involved!

The last 4 here are more genuine and going to sound cliche, but I sincerely mean all of them! If you make one choice in first year, go get involved. Ryerson has so many culture groups, interest groups, student societies and other groups. I guarantee you will find one for you, and you will never regret it. If I never got involved I wouldn’t know any of my best friends now – that’s no exaggeration.

3) GO TO CLASS!!!!!!

You will be tempted to skip classes. You will probably skip some classes. All I am going to say on the matter is ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION ADDS UP, SO GO TO CLASS!!!


2) O-Week

Even though O-week can seem scary it’s a once in a lifetime experience that you will regret not doing. You don’t have to go crazy; if clubs aren’t your thing that’s okay, O-week has evolved much past the typical frosh and has stuff for everyone. You will meet people who could legitimately become friends for life, and build a week of memories you will reflect on and smile for years. (See cheesy picture from my O-Week below)


1) Have Fun

This seems like a given, but very quickly it will become very easy to fall into a pit of worry and stress. Keep on top of your work, but don’t forget that first year is about new experiences and that’s meant to be fun! Don’t worry if you feel you aren’t living up to how you did in high school – no one does. Do your best. Make friends, and have fun!


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