8 Types of Students I’ve Met at Ryerson

Being a university in the bustling heart of Toronto means that Ryerson has no shortage of interesting people. Some of these types of people are especially unique to our campus and I’m going to share eight of the most notable types I have encountered. Do note that none of the following types of students mentioned are gender-exclusive. I use different pronouns throughout this list simply because I have a specific friend in mind for each type of student. Let’s get started!

1. The Toronto Man

He was born into the city, moulded by it. No one knows Toronto better than the Toronto man. After all, he’s been riding the TTC for as long as he can remember. He might not even have his G1 driver’s license yet, since he’s never seen a need to not use public transportation. He speaks in slang so distinct to Toronto, the untrained ear may have some initial difficulty understanding the Toronto man. Fear not for if you befriend a Toronto man, you will quickly pick up on Toronto slang too. And befriend him you should for the Toronto Man can be a great friend. He’s quick on his feet and he’ll show you all the best places around the city.

2. The Activist


The Activist seems to be fired up about something new each week. She’s a champion for social and political change. You can often find her rallying students to her cause or participating in demonstrations or protests. Her social media feeds are filled with articles, polls and surveys. The Activist has an admirable fighting spirit and wants nothing more than to see the world a better place.

3. The Gym Bro


I’m definitely a bit of this one. The gym bro isn’t a member of a sports team. He and his fellow gym bros just enjoy spending almost all their time in the gym. Can you really blame them though? Ryerson does have two great gyms, the Mattamy Athletic Centre and the Recreation and Athletic Centre. Gym bros are always more than happy to help those looking to pack on their “newbie gains.” Just make sure you fact-check their “broscience” claims before making any serious dietary or fitness changes.

4. The Fashionista

Shopping is all the cardio she needs. You might find her at the Eaton Centre in between classes. Her attire can sometimes seem so fashion-forward, you wonder if she’s the one setting the trends. The fashionista is one of the few students that can consistently show up to 8 a.m. classes still looking fabulous.

5. Mr. CEO

He wears suits to lectures sometimes despite not even having a presentation that day. Boat shoes are what he considers everyday footwear, not sneakers. Due to his extensive network, Mr. CEO seems like he has a new co-op lined up each summer with a Fortune 500 company. He’s dead set on accomplishing his goals and he values his time greatly.

6. The Mascot

Eggy the Ram dancing with tambourines in each hand

You swear that sometimes she shows more school spirit than Eggy the Ram. The mascot type is most definitely a frosh leader. She’s fiercely passionate about her program and/or Ryerson in general. She’s not just shouting her lungs out at the homecoming game, but she’s also encouraging everyone around her to cheer louder. The mascot will rarely be seen not wearing a piece of Ryerson-branded clothing.

7. The Girl That Doesn’t Even Go Here

Why is she even here? Well, she might not go to school here, but chances are she’s no stranger to the campus. She might have even made Ryerson visits a part of her routine. She might buy her morning coffee at the Balzac’s next to the Image Arts Centre before going and playing with her dog in the Kerr Hall Quad. Regardless of what she’s up to, she definitely enjoys the atmosphere of our downtown campus.

8. The Couple

Okay this one is technically two people, but they are so inseparable from one another, they might as well be a single entity. In fact, it actually feels unnatural when you see one without the other. The heart-eyes emoji basically sums up the way they look at each other. They might have even been high school sweethearts that chose to go to Ryerson together.

This is but a small glimpse of the diverse Ryerson student body. It’s worth mentioning that I have also met people who fall under more than one type (i.e. a gym bro who is also a mascot). Are you any of these types? Perhaps you’re something entirely new? We’d love for you to share with us!

— Jeremy

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