The 8 Stages of the Summer Before University

So this is it, you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have signed up for your graduation, prom is on the way and you’re thinking “WOW! I’m almost done high school, now what?” Well I was in your spot last year, so I’m going to let you know the 8 stages that you will go through the summer before you head off for university.

1. The Tears Stage


This stage occurs right after graduation. You’ll be seeing your school for the last time, seeing your friends for the last time and leaving the familiar. This stage is a very sad one, but I assure you, it will end.

2. The Reflection Stage


In this stage, you’ll start reflecting on your high school life so far. You’ll remember the memories, the classes, the delicious home cooked meals that you’ll miss, yet you will also start reflecting and thinking about all the exciting things that are coming with your first year of university, which brings us to our next stage:

3. The Excitement Stage

giphy (2)

Ah, the excitement stage. You will have a countdown on your wall, your mom has started buying unnecessary items for your dorm room, you have received newsletters from the university, and you’re thinking “This. Is. Real.” This stage is one of the longer stages, until you receive your O-Week information and they you reach…

4. The Excitement x2 Stage

giphy (3)

At this point you’re thinking “I thought I was already excited, how can I be even MORE excited?!” You’ll start to plan your courses, your residence room, your daily commute and everything will start to feel real!

5. The “I Have to Buy Everything to Perfectly Outfit my First Year” Stage


A branch of “The Excitement x2” stage, you’ll start to buy everything and anything you think you might need for university. A 5 coloured, solar powered, electric, erasable pen?! Sure! Whynot! This is also the stage where your bank account will start crying.

6. The “I Love Packing” Stage


Wow! Who would have thought packing was this fun?! In this stage it seems so fun to pack everything and to organize your new life! Until about 5 minutes in when you reach…

7. The “I Hate Packing” Stage


In this stage you’ll ask yourself: Why can’t I teleport my stuff? Can I hire someone to pack all of this? Why did I buy so many 5 coloured, solar powered, electric, erasable pens?! You’ll start to throw items in boxes and slowly cram your life into one small cardboard box at a time.

8. The Goodbye and Reality Stage


At this point, the dreaded packing is complete and you’re waking up on your first official day as a Ryerson student, this is it. You’re hopping into the van at 6 in the morning on move in day ready to take on university! There will be many emotional goodbyes to loved ones, tears, and it will be a very bittersweet day. Yet have no fear, the excitement will hit you once you walk onto campus for the first time as an OFFICIAL Ryerson University student!

What RU (get it?) most excited for this summer or for your first year?! Tweet us at @RyersonUAR or comment below! 🙂

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