8 Emojis that PERFECTLY describe my First Year at Ryerson


If you have us on Snapchat (@WhyRyerson), then you already know we are ALL about that emoji life. That’s why I decided to pinpoint 8 of the most accurate emojis which describe my first year. Boy.. was that a challenge!

1. The Snowflake

This one was inspired by those cold Toronto winters. Coming from British Columbia, my body was not ready to experience the cold that Toronto had to offer me. With temperatures averaging at around -15, I was literally a bundle of stress with all my layers and jackets.


2. The Sassy Dancer

Well this emoji might not look like me, I certainly did attend a lot of formal events last year! First year taught me that a closet full of dress clothing is your best friend for last minute invites. Most of my profile photos on Facebook is now just me in a variety of suits. Thanks first year!


3. The Sassy Girl

My sass level since first year has been at an all new high. The sassy girl has been my top used emoji since 2014, and I have no regrets. It’s honestly a lifestyle.

sheep4. The Sheep

.. or as we know it .. THE RAM. This is the closest emoji Ryerson can use to represent our beloved mascot, Eggy. This is used at all sporting events, and really just day to day life. The ram is life.

yellow-heart blue-heart

5. Blue and Gold (Yellow) Hearts

This is the all time classic, pairing the blue and yellow hearts to rep our school colours wherever you go. As a Ryerson student, you live and breathe blue and gold.


6. The Artist

Being a media student, I found myself on my creative side a lot of the time. I got to create a wide variety of projects, including films and graphics. I had never been more creative in my life than how I was in first year!


7. Beer

One of my personal  faves – I was one of those lucky first years who turned 19 in January. What did this mean? Lots of responsible celebrating of course! The campus pub – Ram in the Rye – is a hot spot for grabbing a beer or two on campus. Love spending some time there!


8. Film Camera

Like I said with the artist one, a lot of my program, Media Production,  involves using super cool film cameras to produce live television. In first year we learnt how to use all of it! I had never spent that much time in the studio, but afterwards, I felt so inspired to keep learning more!

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