The 8 Do’s and Don’ts of University Life

  1. DO start your readings right away. They pile up way too quickly after the first week and catching up can be brutal.
  2. DON’T assume your first and second year marks don’t count. Cumulative GPA’s of your whole 4 years are looked at during applications for many masters, law schools, and MBA’s. It’s much easier trying to maintain good marks throughout the program then have to bust your butt the last two years to make up for all the slacking off.
  3. DO join clubs and network. There are lots of opportunities to meet new friends and build connections for your future. Not only will you find out about things you never knew (like the 50 free printing pages in the ARTS lab every month for arts students) but also potentially make long lasting friends.
  4. DON’T expect professors to cater to your every need if you’re no putting in any effort! This is not elementary or high school where teachers hunt you down to make sure you hand in an assignment (and call your parents). If you don’t take the initiative to find out when things are due and to hand in assignments on time then it’s your loss.
  5. DO apply for OSAP immediately (nobody wants to pay late fees when you don’t have to).
  6. DON’T share your personal information too quickly with new people you just meet.
  7. DO make a good first impression (ALWAYS). You never know when you’ll run into someone you met in the future. Also, chances are you will have the same professor and/or classmates in upper years so starting early only helps.
  8. DON’T feel intimidated by others. The grass may always seem greener on the other side but in reality these people are just as confused and have similar problems to yours!
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