7 Signs You’re a Ryerson Engineering Student

We engineering students are often seen as being an entirely different breed by our non-engineering counterparts. I mean, our extreme schedules and unusual skills make it hard for us to go unnoticed. In fact across Canada, engineering students from all schools are connected by these unique attributes and a sense of pride for the engineering profession. This however does not mean that each engineering school doesn’t have its own identity. Here’s what it means to be a part of RyEng!

Calling anything an engineering disaster

The course CEN 100 Introduction to Engineering drills into your head tragedies that occurred throughout human history as a result of negligent engineering. Though perhaps unintentional, the effect this has on some is making them consider literally anything that goes wrong an engineering disaster. Water bottle leaked in your bag? Engineering disaster. Ballpoint pen exploded ink everywhere? Engineering disaster. Icicles forming on the roof edge? Engineering disaster waiting to happen.

Loving engineering meme pages

Mechanical engineering memes, civil engineering memes or those RyEng meme pages where a new page seems to pop up every week? Regardless of your preference in engineering memes, you follow at least a couple of these pages and tag your friends in the relevant memes.

Debating between conferences and design teams

Can’t forget about ye olde conference vs design team debate. Some swear by conferences as the optimal way to learn outside the classroom, while others stand firmly with their design teams. Every once in a while though, you’ll find those daring enough to attend something like the George Vari Innovation Conference and also be a member of Ryerson Formula Racing.

Sitting through a lecture on the floor

Whether it’s an impromptu physics exam review or just another one of Dr. Majed’s calculus lectures, engineering students (particularly first-years) will come rushing into a lecture hall like it’s Boxing Day if it means learning from their favourite professor and/or getting some last minute studying in before an exam. Unfortunately in these situations, seats go fast, meaning the stragglers might have to settle for a spot on the stairs or beside the stage.

Having an exam on Valentine’s Day

Who needs a valentine when you have Materials Science Fundamentals to keep you company? At some point or another during the course of our degree, we’ve either done a midterm on Valentine’s Day or spent Valentine’s Day preparing for one the day after.

Losing track of the day/night cycle

I once had four 8 a.m. classes in one semester. I know people who never even had four 8 a.m. classes in four years. But alas, scheduling 25+ hours of class a week never completely goes your way. Just consider buying a coffee for your engineering friend the next you see them stumbling off the morning train like a zombie.

Powering through because of a ring

Remember what I mentioned earlier about CEN 100 teaching us about engineering disasters? In case you didn’t know, engineers wear what’s called an Iron Ring because of the 1907 Quebec Bridge Collapse. The Iron Ring symbolizes the pride engineers have in their profession, while simultaneously reminding them that they can do better as lives are at stake. For many of us engineering students, the sleepless nights and arguments with friends about who has more work are worth it for the Iron Ring.


RyEng student who associates stress and tension only with mechanics

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