6 ways to virtually learn about Ryerson University

2020 has been the year we all never saw coming. While you can’t visit Ryerson campus in person that doesn’t mean you can’t learn about what Ryerson has to offer. As everything has transitioned from in-person to online, here are six ways to make the most of your virtual Ryerson tour experience. 


Visit the Ryerson at Home website 

Several initiatives are being virtually offered for each faculty and their programs. These are great to register and participate in as you’ll get insights on what to expect for the upcoming school year, and learn more about what each program has to offer. If you missed the Virtual Open House sessions in September, don’t worry! They have been recorded and will be posted online in October. The next Virtual Open House will take place November 9-20, and registration will be posted on the Ryerson at Home website shortly. 


Take a virtual campus tour 

Next up is our virtual guided tours. Sign up online and interact with current students and recruitment staff who will show you the facilities, classrooms and more. 

If a virtual guided tour is not your style there is also an option to do a 360 tour. Here you have the option to tour any building you want at any moment. I personally used this tool when applying to Ryerson, and it was great to get a sense of what the campus would feel like.

A GIF of Eggy, the Mascot of Ryerson University via Giphy

Eggy the Mascot of Ryerson University via/Giphy

Meet a Ryerson student 

We have set up a program called “Meet a Ryerson Student” where you can connect with a student ambassador virtually and ask any questions you have and talk about all things Ryerson. I highly recommend registering for the 30-minute session as you can also be given a virtual tour of campus showing labs, classrooms and more. This resource is great as a Ryerson student will discuss their experience, and it will help you get a feel for what university is like. 


Check out WhyRyerson on YouTube

If you want to get a sense of what life is like at Ryerson, the WhyRyerson YouTube page offers various content. Two favourite videos of mine are “A week in the life of a commuter” and “Day in the life of a journalism student.” Fun fact, the day in the life video helped me decide that the journalism program was the right choice for me!


Follow Ryerson social media accounts 

My biggest advice to you is to follow all of the Ryerson social media accounts. For starters, @WhyRyerson and @RUStudentLife are two great Instagram accounts to start with. The WhyRyerson account will tell you important dates and information to be aware of. Current Ryerson students from different programs will also do Instagram Live takeovers where you can ask questions. It is helpful to follow these social media accounts as you can get a sense of events and general updates that happen during the school year. If you see a cool event happen, think about how you could be a part of that. 

Picture of the WhyRyerson Instagram page

WhyRyerson Instagram page

Ask on Reddit 

I don’t know about you, but I love going onto Reddit whenever I have a question and need an answer. The WhyRyerson Reddit user account is great as you might find one of your questions answered, or you can go and ask a question which will be answered by faculty members, staff or students.


I hope these six tips are helpful and give you a chance to learn more about what the university has to offer. Have fun virtually learning about Ryerson! 

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