6 Ways To Be Productive When You Really Don’t Feel Like Being Productive

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had those moments when you desperately try to motivate yourself to get things done when you have zero gas left in the tank. It’ll probably happen very often in your university career, and the important thing is learning how to deal with the challenge of getting yourself up and moving! As this semester winds down, I’ve had to do a lot of miraculous inspirational talks to myself in order to stay on top of my work when all I feel like doing is stay cozy in my bed and watch Parks and Rec. Here’s some easy tasks you can knock off when you’re struggling to be productive!


1. Get that laundry done


You probably have laundry that needs to be done, right? Why not start off with making sure you’re looking great while doing your homework! It’s the perfect way to get things rolling and prepare yourself for upcoming work.


2. Check those emails


If you’ve been putting off checking your email or responding, now is a great time to get your mind into school mode! Your Ryerson gmail account will be an essential tool for communicating with your profs and staying up to date on Ryerson news and events.


3. Clean your room 

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Cleaning is always a great way to feel productive without having to do too much! I know once I get cleaning, I feel a sense of accomplishment that gives me motivation to tackle the next big thing I need to do.


4. Food prep


I can’t say this enough, it’s super important to replenish your body with healthy food in order to have the energy to do your school work. Take the time to do groceries, cook some meals ahead of time, or get a nice healthy meal from the cafeteria if you stay in residence! The food you consume during stressful times is not to be overlooked.


5. Finish that reading 


I like to complete easy tasks like going over a reading that doesn’t take too much effort. I instantly feel better about myself, and it’s a smaller jump towards the bigger assignments you need to complete!


6. Organize Your Calendar


Use your down time to put in all your due dates in your calendar, set up reminders, make lists of things you need to do in order to organize your workload. It’s extremely helpful to have your schedule laid out in front of you!

And there you have 6 easy ways to feel like you’ve done something when you really don’t feel like doing anything! We’ve all been there, just remember to stay strong and you’ll make it through!




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