The 6 Types of People You’ll Meet in University

Being surrounded by thousands of people daily, introduces you to some crazy characters…

1. The Energizer Bunny


Everytime you see this person, you swear they must’ve just drank a quad shot extra syrup latte with a side of redbull. They’re usually front and center in your 8am lectures ready and raring to take on the world. In contrast, you’re in the back just wiping the sleep out of your eyes. Even having a smidge of the amount of energy they have would make you more than ready to take on your day.

2. Ryerson’s Next Top Model


Even in the middle of January, this person looks like they just stepped off the catwalk. Usually found hanging around the mall with a vogue in one hand, and a Starbucks in the other; they will put your sweatpants and parka to shame. Turn to these friends for any fashion tips, and to take a look into their closets.

3. The Drama/Arts Kid


Found in the Ryerson Theatre School or memorizing current scripts in Balzac’s, they’ll always be able to add some drama to your life (see what I did there?). Often they’ll hook you up with tickets to one of their upcoming shows, be hyped on caffeine and still awake from last night’s rehearsal and possibly be wearing one of their current costume pieces. Get on their good side, because you can never tell if they’re acting or not (that’s how good our theatre school is)

4. The Workout Junkie 


You can tell who the workout/sports junkies are on campus by a few tell-tale characteristics: 1. head to toe rams attire. 2. Their second home is the MAC. 3. Their profile picture on Facebook involves some kind of muscle shot (usually a bathroom mirror selfie). These guys/gals are great to snag up for your intramural teams, as long as you don’t mind hearing their gym woes.

5. The Socialite


They know everyone, they can’t walk from one building to the next without being stopped by one of their fans/friends. These girls crave attention. Often found bumping into people on the street while tweeting or instagramming their #tbt of the week. The socialites can be a blast to hang out with, they know all the nightlife in the city, but just be weary, because t0o much exposure can turn you into a carbon copy of the original.

6. The Overachiever


A pretty self explanatory person, you’ve probably already encountered them in your life. They basically walk around with a gold star stuck on their forehead, trying their hardest, and then some on projects and exams. Often involved in 3+ clubs and organizations around campus. If you can handle the energy and over-involvement, this person is a great friend to have! They can help you with assignments and give you some great connections.

Overall, there is tons of diverse individuals around campuses worldwide, and it is great to meet everyone because they all have their unique characteristics to bring to the table and can enhance your campus life! Which category do you fit under, a new one perhaps? Comment below or share it on facebook or twitter!


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