6 Things I Love About Living In Residence

Living in residence has its perks. I have lived in Pitman Hall Residence for the past few months, and wanted to share six things I love about it.

1.  Dogs in the Pit Quad

Dog in snow

Dog in Snow | Giphy

If you’re looking for cute dogs on campus, look no further than the Pitman Quad (a grassy area outside of the Pitman Hall residence). You will always see at least one pup playing at all times. There’s a great view of the Quad from the Pitman Dining Hall, where in the winter you will be able to watch all the dogs sporting their nicest boots and coats.

2. Weekly Floor Meetings

"I was not aware of that" Wayne's World

I was not aware of that | Giphy

Floor meetings are set up for your RA (Residence Advisor) and AL (Academic Link) to update your floor on anything relevant happening in residence or on campus in the coming week (academic workshops, sporting events, etc.). There are always snacks provided, and everyone on the floor hangs around after to watch a movie, play games or just chat and catch up.

3. Waking Up Late

Woman rolling over in bed looking at alarm clock

Alarm Clock | Giphy

Living on campus means no commuting! All your classes are a 2-10 minute walk away from where you live, so you can sleep in until the very last minute and still get to class on time (this is especially useful for 8 a.m. classes).

4. Good Study Spots

Man flipping through book

Studying | Giphy

Living in residence gives you access to lots of great study spots. The Academic Success Hub (ASH) is a great quiet space to study in at Pitman Hall. The kitchens and common rooms also provide a good place to complete group projects. On the weekend, foot traffic on campus is relatively slow, meaning you can pick any Ryerson building to study in and chances are it will be nice and quiet.

5. The View

view of Toronto from residence

View from Pitman Hall

Living downtown Toronto has its perks, including the view! The common rooms in Pitman Hall have amazing views of the CN Tower and some of the tallest buildings downtown Toronto. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful when they reflect off the glass buildings, and the night brings out all the city lights, including an incredible light display put on by the Ryerson Image Centre building.

6. Friends

Photo of friends skating on Nathan Phillips Square

Skating on Nathan Phillips Square

Living in residence gives you the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people and make some amazing friends along the way. You will probably end up doing almost everything together including exploring the city, going to the dining hall for every meal, and studying.

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