6 Places You’ll Find Ryerson Students On Campus

Earlier last week, Victoria and Shay took to our Snapchat to show you the 6 best places where students like to hangout on campus. In case you missed it, here’s the recap!

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1. The Ryerson Quad!

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With all the nature your heart desires, the Quad is the ideal place to be all year round. Grab a quick bite to eat at The Hub, or a warm apple cider from Balzac’s and head to the Quad!


2. The Student Campus Centre

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With all the ping pong tables, study space, and student groups, the basement of the Student Campus Centre (or SCC) is really a hub for student life on campus. Here you can also find: The Office of the RSU and CESAR, All Student Group Offices, The Gaming Lounge, The Member Services Office, CopyRite, The Good Food Room, Oakham House, and more!


3. The Ram In The Rye (Campus Pub)

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An on campus gem. Wether your grabbing lunch, or just having a drink after class – The Ram is always a hub of activity. Victoria’s favourite event is the annual RTA vs Journalism Karaoke Night! Check out other upcoming events here!


4. The George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre 

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.28.41 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.28.33 PMThe top floor of this building is a fantastic place to chill out or get some studying in. With some excellent views of the city, and some sick selfie lighting – this place is PERFECT.


5. The Transmedia Zone

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This is one of the many dedicated Zones across campus which also act as student lounges! These are great spaces to meet new people and collaborate between classes.


6. Residence

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If you don’t live on campus, make friends with someone who does! There’s nothing better than rolling out of bed at 8:58am for a 9am class!


Want to see the whole story? Watch below!

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