5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Rez Room

Residence. I’m sure some of you live here, are thinking of living here, or have lived here. And if you have, you know how important it is to make your rez room as personal as possible! Not only is this where you’ll be eating, sleeping and studying for the next 8 months, but it’s also sweet to flaunt a rad room. So here are my top 5 tips on how to make your rez room as superb as possible.

1. Make it personal!


This is one a definite must in rez! Add pictures of your friends, family, pets, anything! Make your room represent who you are. Love sports? Flaunt your trophies! Movie fanatic? Display all your fav movie posters! My room has tons of photos of my friends and little trinkets that make my room super cozy!

2. Colour, colour, colour!


We all know that your residence room walls don’t come in your favourite colour like your room at home. So try to turn that drab wall into a fab wall! I added colour in my room through pictures, prints, magazine cutouts and decorations! Also, bedding can totally change the mood of a room! Try to pick a colour that’s alluring, but not too distracting, because you will be spending tons of time in your room!

3. Cool DIY’s


You know all those DIY pins you have on pinterest that you keep telling yourself you will do one day? Now is the day! Before I moved into residence, I did tons of DIY’s to make my room as personal as possible! My favourite DIY I made was my quote wall pictured above! DIY’s are great because everyone is always wondering how your room looks so unique!

4. Organization!


Residence rooms aren’t too big and spacious so it’s key to stay organized while living in rez! It’s great to utilize those spaces that are unseen (under beds, on top of wardrobes) to hide bedding or possibly last seasons clothes! Drawers and bins are going to become your best friends!

5. Have fun with it!


Overall, decorating and styling your rez room is great! It’s an expression of yourself and embrace it! I love seeing how people have decorated their rooms because you can see each and everyone’s personalities shine through through their room! This is your first place on your own, so why not make it as fun and personal as possible?

If you guys want more inspiration or are interested in seeing some of the students awesome rez rooms, check out the SHS (student housing services) website!

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