5 Ways to Celebrate Spring @ Ryerson

Spring is here! (Or is it? I’m not too sure yet myself) With the warmer weather comes amazing events, parties and just an overall good vibe to Toronto! Here are my top pics for how you can finally ring in the warm weather in the downtown core!



I made this all caps, bold, italicized and underlined because it is so KEY to celebrating spring in Toronto. You MUST go to a Blue Jays game! If you don’t believe me, read Marcus Stroman’s amazing article about the Jays and Toronto here.

2. A bike adventure!

Don’t own your own bike? Well have no fear because Toronto has tons of Bike Share outposts where you can easily hop on a bike and explore the city! My favourite route to take is by the waterfront, on the newly refreshed Queen’s Quay.

3. Food trucks galore

giphy (3)

The beginning of warm weather brings the beginning of food trucks! Over the past few years, Toronto has really upped their street food game and now you can get anything from donuts, to poutine to some crazy concoctions!

4. Explore a new neighbourhood


Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods. Being at Ryerson, you may only experience the area of the Financial District, but it is SO beneficial to explore! Don’t know where to begin? I also check out BlogTO to spark my interest!


giphy (4)

Now this is definitely a later spring activity, but patios in Toronto are plentiful! If you want to eat, drink or just hang out, check out this patio guide to find your perfect patio!

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