5 TV Shows That Make You Feel Like You’re Learning Something

If you’re bored at home or looking for a study break, television is often the way to go. Chilling on the couch with some snacks and your attention on your laptop or television sounds relaxing. But watching hours of content doesn’t have to make you feel bad! If you’re looking for a show to make you feel productive while you binge-watch, take a look at these suggestions.

1. Dragon’s Den

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or just like watching people pitch their products, Dragon’s Den is a great Canadian show to watch to sharpen your business lingo. I watched this show a lot as a kid and after doing some business classes, I now fully understand what the entrepreneurs and Dragons are saying. This show is great to learn all the do’s and don’ts of business, but it’s also entertaining to see all the creative ideas people come up with—whether the ideas are good or not. Also, the correspondent of the show, Dianne Bucker, is a graduate of Ryerson’s Journalism program.

Perfect for: Ted Rogers School of Management and Creative Industries students.

Available on: three seasons of the show are on Netflix Canada and seven seasons are available for free on CBC Gem.


2. Mythbusters

Have you ever wondered if you could survive on an island with only duct tape? What happens if you deep-fry frozen food? If Jack and Rose from Titanic could have both fit on that plank of wood? If yes, then Mythbusters is the show for you. Scientists take common myths and test their validity. Myths range from common to so extreme you wonder if that is even legal to do. This classic TV show is great to learn about science, be entertained, and impress others with your newfound knowledge.

Perfect for: Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Sciences students.


3. This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Keeping up with current political events can be considered a civic duty, but sometimes the news can get boring. This Canadian sketch show can keep viewers updated on the weekly with satire and comedy. If you wanted to know more about the most recent election or political controversy, but laugh at the same time, 22 Minutes can do both. Fun fact: the creator of the series, Mary Walsh, studied acting at Ryerson!

Perfect for: Politics and Governance, Performance: Acting, and Journalism students.

Available on: CBC Gem for free.


4. Explained


No matter how much you think you know, there is always something new you can learn. Explained is a Netflix and Vox docu-series that covers a variety of topics from diamonds to athleisure to eSports to beauty. The episodes are narrated by celebrities including Rachel McAdams, Karlie Kloss, and J.K Simmons. Each episode is around 20 minutes in length and is a great way to add some education into your day.

Perfect for: anyone who likes to learn something new about the world!

Available on: Netflix.


5. The Amazing Race Canada

Traveling around the country and discovering the world sounds great, but can be hard on the bank account. The Canadian version of The Amazing Race shows off the best Canada has to offer and viewers can experience it all from the comfort of their own couch. It’s a great way to see the world, learn about other cultures, as well as pick up some geography facts and miscellaneous tidbits to share with others! One of their past challenges took place in Yonge-Dundas Square, just steps away from Ryerson!

Perfect for: Geographic Analysis, Urban and Regional Planning, Hospitality and Tourism Management students.

Available on: Crave.


Binge-watching doesn’t have to be something to be frowned upon! If you learn something from all the shows you’ve watched, then the streaming marathon you just completed is worth it—I say so.

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