5 Tricks For Surviving Campus in the Winter

Like it or not … winter is coming! But fear not, I have put together a list of 5 tricks to surviving Ryerson in the Winter.


1. The PATH

This first one is for all you commuters on our campus. We all know the TTC in the winter is about as unreliable as it can get, and if you have the time to walk, but don’t want to go outside, fear not! You can get all the way from Union Station to Yonge and Dundas completely indoors!!! You
will barely have to step outside to get to campus, and you won’t get stuck on any delayed TTC trains!


2. The RCC-SLC Bridge

So now you’ve arrived on campus, but it’s still cold! Well, yet again, we have a hack for that! You can get from the RCC (Rogers Communication Centre) all the way to the SLC (Student Learning Centre) through a series of pretty straight forward sky bridges. For all the residence students the RCC is just steps away from your front door!


3. Eat at the Hub

A day on campus means you need to eat at some point, but bringing food in the winter is quite a task, and just adds to the bags you carry. However, you won’t want to go outside and have to hunt for an off-campus bite either! Well lucky for you we have the HUB, which is our on-campus eatery that has the amazing “friendly fiver” deal!


4. Keep Things in a Locker

With so many things to carry around the winter haul is a dreaded ritual! Lockers at Ryerson are available to students in different areas of campus and are also free! This will allow you to keep certain belonginga on campus, and only bring your essentials back and forth!



I know I sound like a nagging mom with this but trust me: YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO GET SICK! You can easily prevent this by wearing a coat, a hat and anything else needed to stay warm!


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