5 Things To Do Around Campus This Summer

Did you know that Ryerson University is located right in the heart of Downtown Toronto? Well, you do now! If you’re planning on checking us out this summer, but aren’t too sure what to do to make the most of your day, here 5 things you can do around our campus:



1 – Check out some street markets!

Lucky for you (and me!) BlogTO just published an awesome article summarizing the top 15 markets to check out! Most of these are pretty local. Check it out here!

giphy (1)

*This GIF has very little to do with most markets in Toronto


2 – Stand in Dundas Square

They call it the Times Square of Canada for a reason! This spot is located pretty much on our campus at Yonge and Dundas St! Stand in the middle and take a look at all the street signs, billboards, screens, people, and one of Canada’s busiest intersections! Check it out here.



3 – Lounge at the (Sugar) Beach

Probably one of the best vantage points of the Toronto Islands (without actually going to them that is) and it’s right down the street! Check out Sugar Beach (located beside the Corus Building and across from Loblaws) the next time you’re around. The sand is so fine – it’s kind of like sugar…

giphy (2)


4 – Explore the Distillery District

One of my favourite places, especially for dinner! Check out the historic Distillery District, located just south of our campus. You might want to take an Uber or bike there though.

Photo Credit: http://samlau.ca/post/144904221199

Photo Credit: http://samlau.ca/post/144904221199


5 – Check out the CN Tower 

One of the best views of the six! Although this is a little pricey, it’s totally worth the cool views if you haven’t done it before! Feeling super daring? You can also walk on the edge of the tower (my fingers are sweating just typing this). More info here.

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