5 Spooky Attractions in Toronto

Ah fall–colourful leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween! Spooky season is in full swing and that means you need some spooky things to do. Here are five things you can do leading up to the big celebration!

1. Halloween Haunt

Two actors dressed as ghosts

The monsters at haunt are always looking to scare you when you least expect it | Canada’s Wonderland

If you’re from the Greater Toronto Area, then you’re probably no stranger to the annual Halloween Haunt event at Canada’s Wonderland. The theme park is turned into a “scream park” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights until October 27, complete with haunted mazes and hundreds of “monsters” lurking around each corner. Haunt tickets are also just $37.99 if you present a student card on Fridays until October 25. That’s $16 off the front gate price!

2. Halloween on Church Street

A man dressed as a clown and a woman with skeletal face paint at the 2017 Halloween on Church Street

Be sure to come to the street party dressed in your best costume | NOW Magazine

It’s safe to say that Halloween on Church Street is Toronto’s biggest annual Halloween street party. Starting at 6:30 p.m. on October 31st, Church St is closed to vehicular traffic from Gloucester St to Wood St to allow hundreds of costume-clad revelers to fill the streets. Many of the local businesses will have special events or menus during this time.

3. Haunted Walk of Toronto

A hooded tour guide holding a lantern

The Haunted Walk of Toronto is worth checking out if you love a good ghost story | The Haunted Walk

Now you might say, “Okay Jeremy, spooky costumes are great and all but I want a real haunted experience.” To which I would say, “Fair enough. I have something for all you ghost hunters too.” The Haunted Walk of Toronto is a guided tour that takes you through the city’s most famous haunted spots. Tales of Toronto’s haunted heritage will be shared by a lantern-wielding storyteller to really add to the ambience.

4. Fort York

A plaque at Fork York describing the Battle of York 1813

The historic grounds of Fort York are said to be haunted by battle casualties | Twitter

Oh, so ghost stories still aren’t good enough for you? Fine, you asked for it. Behold! Fort York was the site of three separate bloody battles and reportedly generates the most paranormal sightings in Toronto. Staff and visitors alike have reported seeing a ghostly red coat soldier wandering the barracks as well as hearing the sounds of cannons firing.

5. The It Mansion

Cranfield House

Built in 1902, this mansion has been the site of many film and TV productions | The Toronto Observer

Though it might not have the same haunted history as Fort York, the Cranfield House is worth a visit for fans of Stephen King’s horror film It. Located at 450 Pape Ave, the old mansion has been used for many production purposes including being the home to the terrifying Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Have a great Halloween!

– Jeremy

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