5 Reasons to Love Ryerson in the Summer

Happy (official) summer Rams!
Now that we can finally say it is summer, and the cold weather is gone (knock on wood) campus is very different! In the summer campus is lively, fun and full of energy! Here are my favourite things about Ryerson in the summertime!

1. The Landscaping
Ryerson’s campus in the summertime is quite possibly the most beautiful thing in the entire world. You’d be surprised that we are a downtown campus while you sit on the quad and basically have a little oasis away from the hustle and bustle.

2. The Events
Because Ryerson is downtown, you get the perks of all of the amazing summertime events that happen right next door to us! In the summer there are music festivals, beach parties, free food EVERYWHERE (the best events) and you get to soak it all in as a Ryerson student.

3. The Farmers Market
The Ryerson Farmer’s Market is definitely a staple on campus in the summertime. The Ryerson Farmer’s Market happens every Wednesday from 11 A.M.-3 P.M. right in the heart of campus. There are stands from all across Ontario selling all kinds of yummy snacks!

ICE CREAM TRUCKS ARE THE BEST PART OF SUMMER. Everyday there is at least one ice cream truck hiding somewhere on campus and it is the perfect mid-day treat. You definitely won’t find these in the winter!

5. The Weather
Remember when Ryerson used to feel like this:
Well thankfully in the summer Ryerson feels like a summer paradise. No parkas, no runny noses, just tans, shades and sun.

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