5 Reasons Why 8am Classes Aren’t So Bad

Okay okay, I know most of you are probably already shaking your heads at this BUT before you press the little X at the top right corner just hear me out.

  1. My concentration levels are MUCH higher in earlier classes (with a black coffee of course). I’m much more awake and notice I retain more information from all the morning lectures as opposed to the night classes. Plus all of my best marks came from morning or early afternoon classes.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, those who stay up later are not necessary creative and more intelligent than early risers.
  3. Many of the worlds most successful entrepreneurs wake up in the early mornings (I’m talking 5am) to exercise and be at the office before anyone else. They report better focus and attention and also hold business meetings that early. You can check out some big names here. BUSINESS STUDENTS: I see you guys googling billionaire Forbes lists during lectures 😉
  4. Commuters: I get a lot of work done on the go train or subway in the mornings when I’m actually forced to stay in one spot and to avoid being bored (jumping off the train is unfortunately not an option) .. In fact I’m writing this blog post on the train right now!
  5. You have the rest of the day and night to do whatever you like!! Walk a dog, get ice cream, hit the gym, get assignments out of the way?

So… the next time you try and avoid 8am classes like a plague I hope you consider how potentially awesome and productive they can be 😀

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