5 Profs you will have at Ryerson

Through the years you will spend at Ryerson you will take roughly 40 classes. That means (given no repeat profs) you will encounter a wide variety of professors that are going to be quite a cast of characters. Here are the 5 professors you will encounter on campus!

1. The Industry Professional

A defining characteristic of Ryerson is the amazing guest lecturers we get! No matter what your area of study is you will encounter one of these. As a professor they might not stick to the syllabus or even follow deadlines, but you better soak up everything they’re saying! Who knows, maybe if you impress them they might even hire you!


2. The life-long academic

This professor is going to be very traditional. They have a masters, and maybe even a PHD, and they have likely taught this class many times. They have teaching and lecturing down to a ritual, which might scare you, but they really will know their stuff. As long as you listen you’ll be fine! I mean hundreds of students have already passed this class, right?


3. The one you can’t get away from

Much like Janice from Friends, there will be at least one professor that you encounter multiple times. When you get your schedule and see their name you will know what to expect. The upside to this is that they really will get to know you!


4. The slideshow professor

At first glance you may get intimidated by 50-slide presentations, but you will quickly learn to like them! This professor loves to follow the PowerPoint t(that they put so much time into making), and you can rest easy knowing that the presentation will have everything you need!


5. The inspirer

Much like the loch ness monster, you might not think that these exists. Yet, unlike the loch ness monster, I can promise you that they do! You will come across one professor who changes the game for you. Something this professor does will inspire you and make your experience rewarding and satisfying.


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