5 Places To Satisfy Your Hot Chocolate Craving

There are some things that are a necessity in order to survive the colder weather: waterproof boots, a sweater so warm you feel like you’re wrapped in a hug, and hot chocolate. I’m usually only interested in drinking hot chocolate during the colder months, which means that I’m currently in the mood to indulge in this classic hot drink. Being the exciting city that it is, Toronto is home to a ton of amazing places that sell delicious and unique hot chocolate creations. These are just a few of the places that have caught my attention this season!

Balzac’s Coffee

Balzac’s is just one of the many coffee shops on the surrounding Ryerson, but their hot chocolate is a great drink to grab as you run between classes. Some of the ingredients used in the drink are certified fair trade and organic, and if you’re health-conscious, this hot chocolate may be the healthiest option available on campus. In a study published by the Toronto Star a few years ago, Balzac’s hot chocolate was named the healthiest and most delicious of some of the other popular chains tested!

Location: various across the city, but you can find the one on campus at 122 Bond Street (right inside the Ryerson Image Arts Building)

Source: Balzac’s Coffee

Bobbette & Belle

Not only does Bobbette & Belle provide the perfect Parisian-inspired backdrop to brighten up your day, but they also offer amazing hot chocolate and treats,. Their hot chocolate is made with a blend of cocoa powder and Swiss chocolate, and the intense colour of the drink makes it even more appealing. The drink is complete with the ultimate topper: a torched, homemade vanilla marshmallow that tastes just as good as the drink itself.

Locations: 1121 Queen Street East and 3347 Yonge Street

Source: Bobbette and Belle

Cacao 70

If you’re looking to get lost in a sea of hot chocolate, I recommend stopping by Cacao 70. Their hot chocolate menu offers the most drinks of the places listed here, and are definitely unique. They offer so many increduble options: frozen hot chocolate, spicy hot chocolate, and Italian style hot chocolate are just a few on their long list. There’s bound to be a drink for you here!

Locations: 28 Gristmill Lane (Distillery District) and 485 Queen Street West


Source: Cacao 70

Peace Treats

Did you really think the place that sells some of the best sugary treats in the city wasn’t going to have amazing hot chocolate? Peace Treats’ unique hot chocolate drink, S’more Money, S’more Problems, is what a s’more would taste like if you melted it into one delicious cup. Topped with toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate, this drink is perfect for days when you miss summer or when your Instagram feed needs a refresh.

Location: 131 Ossington Avenue


Source: Peace Treats

SOMA Chocolate

SOMA Chocolate brings its amazing chocolate recipes to its hot chocolate menu. If you’re in the mood for something simple, you can go with their classic hot chocolate. If you’re feeling adventurous, their spicy Mayan hot chocolate, made with various ingredients including peppers and a blend of spices, is calling your name. Once you fall in love with their drinks (and I’m 100% sure you will) you can buy one of their hot chocolate mixes on their website to satisfy your needs anytime.

Locations: 32 Tank House Lane (Distillery District) and 443 King Street West

Source: SOMA Chocolate

Featured Image: GIPHY


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