5 New Uses for your Ryerson OneCard!

‘Wait a second.. Isn’t a OneCard just the ID you get once you’re accepted to Ryerson? I heard you use it like twice a year at exams..”

WRONG!  Your OneCard is arguably one of the most important things you’ll own as a Ryerson student. In fact, here’s 5 unique uses you’ve probably never heard of:

1. LaundryGIF-Doing-laundry

You probably didn’t think of this one! For students living in Residence, the OneCard acts as your gift-card when paying for the machines! How convenient! (ooh, aah).


2. Your Ticket to Rams Games – Connect RU Another one! Your one card acts as your ticket to all home Rams games. Further to that – it’s your gym membership/access card! So athletic!


3. Paying your tab at Ram in The Rye (or Oakham House)
149-1438285393Whether you’re a commuter student or if you live in res, you will always have the option to load up your OneCard with as much $ as your heart desires. This means that you don’t have to feel as much guilt after that pound of wings goes down! (Plus, they deduct the tax!


4. Accessing Cineplex

This one’s kind of cool.. as Ryerson students, we have classes at the Younge and Dundas Cineplex movie theatre! The seats are sooo comfy. BUT they don’t just let anyone in, you need to show your Ryerson OneCard right at the door.


5. Late Night Building Access

Most of our programs offer 24/7 access into computer labs or classrooms. You must tap your OneCard at every access point before entering. Pretty high tech (and safe!) if you ask me.

This one is a bonus – but oh so important: Ryerson students get 10% off their grocery purchases at Metro (on Gould. St) every Tues – Thursday! There’s plenty of other places downtown that offer similar deals!

The OneCard is definitely more than meets the eye. Make sure you keep an eye out for details on how to apply for your very own once you’ve received your Offer of Admission!



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