5 Netflix TV Shows You Need To Watch Before University

University can be an unpredictable and challenging but often pretty exciting. This has lead to many great shows being set during this transformational time of a young person’s life. Although everyone’s experience is different, it’s good to get some background on how university/college life is displayed on television before you experience it. The following shows should do a pretty good job educating you about the media’s expectations of university life.

1. Gilmore Girls

This show is a bit of longer one, but starting in season four it follows Rory through her ups and downs at Yale University. Even though this show is a bit older, I think it really does a good job of showing the different emotions and struggles university students go through. You get to see basically everything including her moving into residence, grabbing coffee between class, finding love at school and even graduating.

2. Scream Queens

So, this series may not show exactly what the normal university experience is like, but the comedic and horrific moments make the series an unforgettable piece of entertainment. Season one follows a group of sorority sisters at Wallace University who are being tormented by a serial killer. If you can’t get enough of this funny horror series, season two follows some of the same characters years after university.

3. Friends from College

Netflix created a comedic and nostalgic show for those who want to reminisce about their good old days in college. It follows the lives of college friends who reconnect years after college when all of their lives are completely different. It doesn’t take you through the university experience in the exact same way as the other shows on this list, but it gives you an idea on how you may be looking back at university life in the future.

4. Gossip Girl

Much like Gilmore Girls, this show has quite a few seasons, but starting in season three it showcases the characters university life at NYU and Columbia. Gossip Girl shows university life in a big and busy city, and parts of it can definitely be attributed life at Ryerson, which is also located in the big city, Toronto.

5. Dear White People 

This Netflix Original series is based on the phenomenal 2013 film, and follows the lives of students at Winchester University. The show covers a lot of topics other shows don’t dare to go near such as race in the current age, social injustice, and slippery politics.

Bonus: Grown-ish

Grown-ish isn’t on Netflix, but since it is a newer show, it shows university life in the modern day very realistically. The comedic sitcom follows Zoey during her journey at (the fictional school) Cal U. You’ll question how the writers have such accurate information about what it’s like to be a student today!

If you’re looking to get the full university experience including the residence lifestyle, much like the characters on these shows, check out Ryerson’s four residence buildings Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC)HOEM Residence (HOEM)International Living & Learning Centre (ILC), and Pitman Hall (PIT).

Feature image source: flickr.com

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