5 More Toronto Spots to Get the Best Instagram Shots

Show of hands, how many of you get stumped trying to figure out what to post to your Instagram? You ask yourself if it’s still okay to post pictures from your cousin’s wedding last summer? Or perhaps you’re thinking if that mirror selfie in the poorly lit changing room could work with some editing?

It’s okay, I have found myself in this train of thought before too. But no more, friends! Last year, I shared a list of locations in Toronto that I’ve found to give the most Instagram-worthy pictures and I now present you with five more locations!

1. CF Toronto Eaton Centre Pedestrian Bridge


Kicking off the list with a spot mere minutes away from Ryerson, it’s the pedestrian bridge connecting the CF Eaton Centre to the Hudson’s Bay building. The pedestrian bridge makes for a great photo spot in both the day and evening. The glass panels allow ample amounts of light to shine through and when it gets dark, lighting strips illuminate the ground.

2. Sanko Trading Co.


Sanko Trading Co. is the place to go for all your Japanese grocery needs. The building sports a vibrant mural on the outside which has a little bit of everything from cartoon characters to elements of traditional Japanese art.

3. Sugar Beach


A beach? Downtown? You’re kidding me, right? Believe it here because Sugar Beach is the spot to visit if you’re trapped in the city but feeling those beachy vibes. While you might not exactly be able to swim there, Sugar Beach does feature a mini boardwalk, pink umbrellas and rocks taken from the Canadian Shield.

4. David Crombie Park

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David Crombie Park is a personal favourite spot of mine. I actually found this place when I was out exploring the nearby Distillery District. Not only is it a great place to shoot some hoops, but the basketball court mural and the CN Tower in the back make David Crombie Park worthy of Instagram.

5. A Helicopter


If you’re still unsure of a place to photograph, well, why not try to photograph all the places mentioned here at once? Toronto Heli Tours offers helicopter tours over many of Toronto’s major attractions. Make sure you bring along a wide-angle lens if you’re really looking to capture as far as the eye can see.

Happy Instagramming!

– Jeremy

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