5 LifeHacks for Surviving Exam Season

Exam season is slowly creeping upon all of us, and with that comes a lack of sleep, a lack of time and potentially a lack of saniety. The Starbucks barista’s know you by name and you have a personal spot dedicated to you at the library, but there are ways that we can get through it: and we can get through it together.


Here’s some #lifehacks to help you survive exam season:

1. Prep your notes ahead of time.


Having your notes prepared ahead of time saves you from having a panicked organization session the night before you study! Also, make sure that you have notes from all lectures while you are preparing your notes!

2. Have a dedicated study space. 


As much as studying on your bed sounds appealing, it usually turns into a napping session, rather than a study session. Dedicate a study space for yourself that is quiet, clear from distractions, and clean! It also helps to personalize your study space so that it does not feel like you’re studying in a dungeon (even though it may feel like that).

3. Maintain your sleep schedule.


As much as we all love to get a full nights sleep, we know that may not be possible when we have 50 million things on our plate. But come exams, sleep is crucial because it can actually help you do better on the exam! Try your very hardest to find a sleep schedule that works for you, and stick with it! Be that 11pm bedtimes or 6 hour sleeps every night, try to stick to that routine!

4. Manage your caffeine intake


At this time of year, we all run on caffeine.  (Like, why has Starbucks not invented an IV drip yet?) But it is crucial to maintain your caffeine intake! A little is great, but too much is not healthy and can affect your sleep as well as your brain, EEK!

5. Relax!


Don’t let yourself get too overwhelmed by exams! Stress can affect your performance, so make sure that you set aside some “me-time” and take some deeeeeeep breaths. It is going to be ok.

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