5 Great Places To Eat Downtown

If you’re feeling hungry, there’s no better place to fulfill that craving than downtown Toronto! There are a ton of great food joints and restaurants scattered throughout the district. No matter what type of food you’re into, there’s something for everyone! Shawarmas, burgers, samosas, dumplings, seafood, and more are all available within a few minutes of walking from the Ryerson campus. Below you’ll find my personal list of the top 5 places to eat downtown.


1. The Burgernator (269 Augusta Avenue)

I visited The Burgernator recently and dug into a tall order of a Fully Loaded burger, a general poutine, and a salted caramel milkshake. The food was amazing! A great place to visit with friends, the staff has great service, and you get great value from the food for its price. Find out more information about The Burgernator here.


2. Paramount FineFoods (253 Yonge St)

Paramount is a great restaurant to visit if you’re looking to dine shawarmas and wraps with some friends. Some great Arabic food including Baklawa and Cheese with Zaatar are on the menu, and their mango juice is some of the best I’ve had downtown! There is ample seating, but nonetheless the restaurant is usually packed. I recommend planning an outing in the morning or early afternoon to minimize waiting times. Find out more information about Paramount FineFoods here.


3. Kinton Ramen (51 Baldwin Street)

If you’re looking to fulfill that craving for Japanese food, look no further than Kinton Ramen. A short walk from campus, the restaurant offers noodles, soup, and (surprise surprise) kinton ramen. Find out more information about Kinton Ramen here.


4. Spring Sushi (10 Dundas Street East)

Who would’ve thought that iPads and seafood could be combined so well? Spring Sushi is right next to the AMC theaters, where many first-year classes take place, and is a viable location to host a birthday or other significant event. Their All You Can Eat option gives patrons full access to miso soup, mango salad, spicy white tuna sushi, crab meat hand rolls, traditional california rolls, and jumbo tempura shrimp to name a few items – just remember to finish whatever it is that you order! Find out more information about Spring Sushi here.


5. Ali Baba’s (229 Church Street)

After a tiring day, nothing is better than grabbing a quick wrap (or two) as well as some chicken samosas and heading off. Ali Baba’s might not be the biggest or fanciest restaurant downtown, but it’s got heart and the food tastes great! Moreover, I received a discount on their “deal of the day” the last time I went there by showing by OneCard, although I’m not sure if they still offer said discount. Regardless, its a great option to grab something to eat during a class break as the food joint is located a short walk from the George Vari Engineering building. Find out more information about Ali Baba’s here.


I love exploring downtown Toronto and trying out new restaurants. Do you have a favorite place to eat as well? Share in the comments below! As always, remember to keep it here at WhyRyerson!

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