5 Good Things About Exam Time

We all know exam time can be a stressful and hectic week or two. You barely get enough sleep and time to relax while you’re busy reviewing material and preparing as best you can. So, to help get you through this semester’s winter exams, here’s a few often forgotten positive aspects of braving exam time which will help put things into perspective! Hang on to these thoughts going in, and you’ll be sure to make it through with a little less struggle, trust me!

1. All the hardest assignments are behind you

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What ever program you’re in, whether it’s more creative-based like RTA, or more academic like social sciences, you’ve completed all major essays or final projects. You put in all the work and most of the pressure is off. Now all that’s left to do is review things you already know! If you make a schedule and leave yourself enough time to study, you’ll do great!

2. Your desired mark is totally in your hands

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The amount of time you spend preparing for your exams will directly influence how well you do, there’s no denying it. Unlike other assignments and essays during the semester, you’ll have a better opportunity to put in the necessary amount of work without conflicting due dates and busy schedules to get in your way. During exam time, there’s no excuses, it’s all up to you. Give it your all, and see awesome results!

3. You (usually) have a lot of time to study

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University exams span two weeks, so depending on your exam schedule, you’ll have at least a few full days to focus on studying without any other work to distract you. You may even have a few days in between to recharge after a tough exam and get ready for the next one. Hopefully your schedule will be spread out enough to avoid having to cram for several things at once!

4. Study Groups

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Everything’s better with friends! After working on a bunch of individual projects, exams are the perfect change of pace where you can get together with classmates and tackle your exam review with extra brain power! Group studying is extremely effective in being able to work for longer periods of time, and splitting up tasks and discussing the material together is a great way to remember information and develop a better understanding!

5. You’re at the finish line

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After a semester full of late nights and hard work, you’re finally there: winter break. A month of freedom. So don’t give up yet! If you’re feeling burnt out, just remember you’ll have plenty of time soon enough to do whatever you’d like. For the short period of exams, it’s worth giving everything you’ve got!

Let’s all hold hands and get through this together, guys. Who’s with me?

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