5 Facts About Jeremy

Hello everyone! My name is Jeremy. I’m a fourth-year Mechanical Engineering student completing both the Mechatronics specialization and the Optional Specialization in Management Sciences. This is also my third year now making content for WhyRyerson. Today, I thought I’d share five interesting facts about myself so all you new readers can get to know me a little better. 

1. I love learning languages

Salut! Apa kabar? Did you catch that? That was “hi” in French and “how are you?” in Indonesian. Living in different places has made me pick up English, French and Indonesian. Additionally, I’m an avid learner of German and Russian, and I’ve dabbled a bit in all sorts of languages over the years.

2. My wardrobe is massive

Fashion plays a huge role in my life. I even used to model for stock photography. In my own house, my clothes are stored in six different places; the closet and three dressers in my bedroom, the closet in the guest bedroom, and another dresser in the basement. The great thing about having such an expansive wardrobe is that I can dress in any number of styles depending on my mood for the day.

Jeremy stands in front of a screen of purple smoke.

I wear anything from preppy suits to edgy biker jackets.

3. I do martial arts

I first got into martial arts when I took up boxing in high school. After realizing how amazing it was at relieving stress, I started doing other martial arts like Muay Thai. When I found out that Ryerson offered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it only seemed natural to join. I hope to one day compete in a professional mixed martial arts competition.

Jeremy doing boxing mitt-work with his friend.

Boxing was my first martial art.

4. I am a thrill seeker

Hang gliding? Been there, done that. Eating insects from a market in Thailand? Way ahead of you. There’s few things that I wouldn’t try doing at least once.

Standing on the summit of Mount Washington.

Standing on the summit of Mount Washington.

5. I switched programs three times

I got accepted into Ryerson for Undeclared Engineering. Towards the end of my first semester, it came time for me to declare my engineering program, so I chose Chemical Engineering Co-op. I soon realized that it wasn’t for me and switched to Aerospace Engineering. Then at the end of my first year, I finally settled on Mechanical Engineering.

I can’t wait to share my experience as a Ryerson student with all of you this year! 

Until next time, 


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