5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy When You’re Busy

It’s often challenging to find time to exercise or cook a healthy meal when you’re overwhelmed by onslaught of different commitments. I’ve begun to learn how important it is to maintain your health in order to feel good and be able to accomplish every goal you’ve set for yourself. While you might not have time to work out on a regular basis or keep track of your eating habits, here’s a few simple things you can do that take minimal effort and will help you stay healthy in the long run!

1. Take the stairs everywhere


It might seem obvious, but when you’re rushing around campus you might not even think about this easy way to get some quick exercise. I know it can be terrible to take the stairs sometimes, but if you remember this rule and apply it in your every day life, you’ll see how much it can make a difference!

2. Get up and walk around during class breaks


When you have those tough 3 hour lectures, you’ll get one or two breaks to stretch your legs and get moving. Usually I just sit and check twitter for the entirety of the break, but I’ve recently realized how much better it feels to get up and walk during these breaks! You’ll feel more energized for the remainder of your class and it’ll help fight off sluggishness for the rest of the day.

3. Walk to campus


I live 20 minutes away from campus, and I’ve started to make more of an effort to walk every day instead of taking the street car. If you commute, this can mean walking from union to campus or walking from a further subway stop! Giving yourself time to fit in that little bit of exercise consistently will do you wonders.

4. Bring snacks 


When you’re at school for most of the day, it can be extremely tempting to constantly buy snacks and junk food to get you through the day. I’ve discovered how much better it is to bring a lunch or a few snacks from home and keep my energy up throughout the day without binging on unhealthy foods.

5. Choose healthy options at the Hub Cafeteria!


The hub caf is one of my favourite places to eat around campus because if it’s wide selection of healthy and affordable options. So for when you absolutely must buy something on campus, you can get a healthy salad, sandwich, soup, or build your own pasta or noodle bowl! Learning how to choose the healthiest options at the hub has really helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle when I’m in a jam.

And there you have 5 super simple ways to stay healthy when you don’t have time to think too much about it. If you can get into a routine of doing these 5 things, you’ll feel a lot better which will only help improve your performance in school. Until next time!

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