5 awesome online Ryerson resources

Okay, I might be biased, but I think Ryerson is one of the coolest universities around. When the world is in… normal times, it’s in the centre of downtown Toronto, which leads to many invaluable opportunities. However, even online Ryerson has many virtual resources that are guaranteed to enrich your university experience as a Ryerson Ram. 

Student Learning Support

No matter what type of academic support you need, chances are Ryerson’s Student Learning Support (SLS) can help you out. Whether you’re looking for some help with math, looking to develop some study skills in your first year, looking for a tutor or just want someone to look over your essay, Ryerson’s SLS can help you from the comfort of your own home. Even though I have faith in my writing skills, I used SLS in my first year to look over my essays and I found it helpful in catching mistakes, both big and small. 


An image of two students working together and looking at a textbook in the Student Learning Centre.

RU Therapy Dogs

I love dogs. Whenever I see any dogs anywhere, I feel my stress just melt away and a smile appears on my face. Since I don’t have a dog myself, I’m always looking for ways to bring dogs into my life. When I found out that Ryerson hosts WEEKLY (!!!) virtual therapy dog visits to improve mental well-being well, I became very happy.

Workshops and panels

Are you looking to improve your hard and soft skills? Are you wondering what it’s like to work in your industry of choice? Do you want to expand your network? Well, you’re looking at the right university. I follow multiple Ryerson-affiliated accounts, and it seems like there is a workshop or panel you can attend for just about anything. Just from looking at the Instagram page for my faculty (the Faculty of Communication and Design) I can see information about so many upcoming workshops and panels. 

Career Support

I think I’ve been lowkey stressed about what I’m going to do after university since I was way too young. Why were they talking to us about our future careers when we were in the eighth grade? If you’re like me, Ryerson has a great Career & Co-op Centre for career development support. They host workshops, have great resources to read through and you can even book an appointment with one of their advisors to talk about their career path, practice interview skills or look over a resumé. 

An image of hands holding open a booklet on a brown wood table. The booklet is open to a black page that says "Career Planning" in a purple box with white text in the centre of the page


Have you ever wanted to watch free movies for… academic purposes? Who am I kidding, movies are awesome and free movies are even better. All Ryerson students have access to Criterion-on-Demand through the Ryerson library and there are hundreds of movies of all types of genres, some of them even being released as recently as 2020. This resource is great whether you need something for a film class or you just want to chill out with a great movie. 

Even though online everything doesn’t have the same thrill to it as in-person events and activities, these awesome virtual resources are bound to scratch the itch. 





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