5 assignments I’m working on right now

Hello wonderful people of WhyRyerson, it’s Jenna (your favourite second-year Creative Industries student), and today I’m writing about five assignments that I am literally working on right now. At the time of writing this blog, it is the week of March 15-19, 2021 and let me tell you, it’s a busy one. I have four major assignments due this week and one due next week—the loveliness of midterm season. Here is a breakdown of the assignments I’m working on now, and even though they’re for school, they’re kind of fun!

Prose portfolio – worth 15% of overall grade

For my upper level liberal this semester I decided to take ENG 505: Creative Writing. I love to read and write, so I’m enjoying this class a lot. Our first assignment of the semester is a prose portfolio of 20 pieces of writing that are at least 250 words long. All pieces were responding to prompts from our textbook. We’ve been working on them since the beginning of the semester in January, so all I had to do was pick my favourite pieces and put them in the template. Yay for getting things done ahead of time!

An image of a bus shelter ad. The ad is a mirror with black around the edges. At the top of the mirror it says

The Black Mirror ad we analyzed for our project. Twitter.

“Spot the Spin” presentation and written analysis – worth 25% of overall grade

For one of my two Creative Industries modules, I’m taking The Business and Practice of News, also known as Journalism. My module class for this semester is NNS 406: Age of Spin: Journalism and Public Relations. The class is all about being able to find “spin” in the news. Each week, three groups present their “Spot the Spin” presentation where we have to present a piece of viral media (could be a video, photo, news article) and analyze whether or not the piece is spin. I will admit that I don’t love group projects, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made them even more difficult. We decided to do ours on a viral Black Mirror ad from summer 2020 that advertises that the sixth season is “Live now. Everywhere.” Spoiler/spin alert: the ad was completely spin and had nothing to do with Netflix! There’s not even a sixth season in production right now. 


One-page business plan for a talent agency – worth 25% of overall grade 

My other Creative Industries module is The Music Industry, which is all about working behind the scenes in music. For this semester’s module class I’m taking CRI 530: Talent Management and it is so cool! Our group assignment, due March 18, is a one-page business plan for our fictional talent agency that pairs up self-published authors with book influencers to promote their books. We have to talk about our vision, mission, profit plan and more. Even though this business is 100% made up, I think we have a good shot of making it!

Short story – worth 15% of overall grade 

Remember my Creative Writing class above? Well, we’re back to it again! I also have a short story due for this class this week. We could either write a personal essay or short story, but I chose to flex my imagination muscle (the brain?) and write my own short story. I wrote about four friends going on a road trip to Canada’s Maritime provinces. Even though it’s due in a few days, it’s a work in progress (not even titled yet!) and I really enjoyed working on this project. 

A photo of Jenna taking a picture with a camera of a book on the ground.

A screenshot of some b-roll of me being an “influencer” from my Talent Management video

2-minute promotional video for a talent agency – worth 25% of overall grade

In addition to the one-page business plan I mentioned before for CRI 530, we also have to shoot a 2-minute promotional video for our ad, which is due March 26. Working as a group online is a bit difficult, but thankfully I have a great team. We have an awesome plan for our video where I’ll be playing a book influencer. As someone who loves to read, and has a book blog with my friend (in my group for this project!), this shouldn’t be too hard for me. Although, I didn’t go into acting for a reason!


There are just so many projects! Being in a program that I love with classes that I (mostly) enjoy makes doing these assignments so much easier. This is also on top of all the regular weekly quizzes and mini-assignments I have. The semester is over for me in a month and now more than ever, I’m so looking forward to the summer break!

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