5 Amazing Things That Came Out Of My First Co-op Placement

I just returned to classes at Ryerson after an eight-month co-op placement at the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade as a Marketing Assistant! I’m ready to take on a new semester, but before I do I want to reflect on how co-op has changed my life for the better! Here are five amazing things that came out of my first co-op placement:

1. I learned how to be a copywriter

My position involved mostly digital marketing work, which included creating content for the international facing Invest in Ontario website. We spotlighted various innovative Ontario companies, and the team was constantly working on more than 20 spotlights at a time. At the beginning of my placement, I helped with only a couple of steps in the lengthy process of creating the articles, but by the end of my placement, I had created multiple spotlights from start to finish. This included everything from researching the company, interviewing the company, transcribing the interview, and writing the article and social posts. A few examples of articles I worked on include artificial intelligence, life sciences company Pentavere, telematics leader Geotab, digital media company Pipeline Studios and I even returned to Ryerson to work on an article about our terrific Fashion Zone. After this experience, I feel more confident writing assignments this semester and for future copywriting positions.

2. I gained a part-time marketing opportunity through networking

A Marketing Consultant I worked with noticed my skillset, and she happened to know a motivational speaker that was looking for part-time help with her digital marketing strategy. She recommended me, and now four months later I have been able to assist with creating increased brand awareness and event attendance through her digital platforms. The position has been great to have on the side as I have learned about small business digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The moral of the story is… you never know what can come out of your work placements and getting to know colleagues on your team.

3.  I became more informed about the place I call home and the government

My placement was different from co-op students who worked in the private sector in many ways, but a highlight about working for the Ontario government was that I learned a lot of interesting information about the government, economic development, and just Ontario and Canada in general. It was fun to learn about what makes Canada and Ontario unique versus other investment destinations around the globe. When assisting with daily retweets for the Twitter account, I was also able to keep up with daily news about investment decisions and new rankings the province had acquired. Did you know Toronto is the seventh most livable city and the sixth safest city on the planet? It is also the top city in Canada for tech and public transit. As a marketing student, I, of course, have to point out that Toronto is the tenth best-branded city in the world.

4.  I earned income to help pay my tuition

You may be wondering if my co-op was paid, and I’m happy to report all co-ops through the Ted Rogers School of Management must be paid positions. The extra income has been super helpful as I have been able to pay my tuition and stay out of debt. Since I did two co-op terms back to back, I even had enough extra money to treat myself to a vacation in the Caribbean!

5.  I Learned How to Be A Better Leader

During my first four months of my co-op, I learned from the senior co-op who had worked there for four months already. During the second term, I had the chance to take on the senior co-op role and be a leader for the new co-op. I utilized my previous leadership experience from Ryerson extracurriculars and part-time jobs when leading the new co-op, but I also built on my previous learnings since I was being a leader every day for four months. I also improved my teamwork skills by working together on projects with the other co-op. Both skillsets will be handy to have for the many group projects coming my way this semester and the marketing teams I will be a part of after University!

Bonus: I gained eight months of marketing experience that allowed me to land my next co-op!

Now that I have eight months of experience under my belt, I feel a lot more confident about my knowledge in the industry, and I’m able to stand out from various other marketing students hunting for jobs. I’m ecstatic that Bell took notice of my skills and will be having me on their team this summer!

Are  you interested in learning more about the Ted Rogers School of Management Co-op program? Head to www.ryerson.ca/trsm-co-op/.

The featured image is the Parliament Building of Ontario in Toronto, which I had the pleasure of visiting during my placement, and the image is from Haliburton Chamber.


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