The 40 Thoughts We’ve All Had During Finals

1. I have how many exams?!

2. That final is worth how much?

3. I swear we did NOT learn any of this.

4. What is an exam though.

5. Do I have to study all the readings?

6. And all the notes?


7. This is the fifth paper cut I’ve got.

8. Such study, much exam.

9. The sun outside is a tease.

10. So is Twitter, Facebook, and anything that could possible put off studying.

11. Where are my snacks?

12. Maybe if I sleep on my textbook I’ll learn through osmosis.

13. How can I get comfortable??

14. Nope, yoga poses are not comfortable sitting positions.

15. How much is this exam again?

16. 24 hours until the final starts.

17. My exam is at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre? Do you want me to cry even more?

18. Why isn’t Starbucks open 24/7?

19. How much money have I spent on coffee so far…

20. I should open a Starbucks.

21. Do I drop out now or later?


22. Cleaning my room is more appealing at this point.

23. Do. Not. Open. Twitter.

24. I wonder if there is an app that can do my studying for me.

25. Why didn’t I take better notes.

26. Let’s use as many highlighter colours as possible! Maybe it will help ease the pain.

27. When was the last time I showered?

28. Can I look like a zombie when I go to the library.

29. Or these bags under my eyes noticeable.

30. When is exam season over.

31. Is the exam multiple choice?

32. Is coffee a food group?

33. This is my fourth nap of the day.

34. Hopefully there’s a sale on Redbull this week.


35. Can I just give up?

36. I wonder if people think I’m a hermit.

37. I have not left my room for 5 days.

38. I need to leave my room.

38. The sun burns my eyes.

39. Exam at 8AM? Challenge accepted.

40. All this hard work will be worth it.




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