4 Ways to Grow Professionally!

So you probably saw this blog title and thought, “Professional? Why do I need to be professional, I’m only in university?!” WELL, let me tell you that now is the time to start.

Have you ever heard the phrase “work now, play later?” Well this is why getting a head start on your professional life is important! That way in five years you can have the career that you want and be living the dream (hopefully)!

So, here are my top four tips on how to start growing professionally while you are still in university!




This is probably the easiest way to begin your professional career! LinkedIn is super easy to set up and Ryerson even has LinkedIn workshops! So get your résumé handy and set up your profile now!




Again, this is something that is super easy to do! You know those kids that sit around you in lecture? Talk to them! You never know where connections will come in handy. After all they don’t say “your network is your net worth,” for nothing.


Get Involved!


In my opinion, involvement is where you learn 95% of your skills in university. If it wasn’t for getting involved, I would not have the friends or skills that I have today. Join a club or a team that interests you and you will learn SO much.


Develop your Personal Brand


This is definitely something that may come later in your university career, but it is probably the most important step out of all that I have listed. You must know who you are and where you want to go before others will. This may mean some serious reflecting of your strengths, weaknesses and goals, but once you have a solid idea of who you are, nobody can stop you.

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