4 Ways to Beat the Heat at Ryerson

To say this summer has been warm would be an understatement. This first half of 2016 has set global temperature records, and the weather in Toronto is no exception. Heat alerts have been issued every other week, copious air conditioning usage has paralyzed the power grid, and serpentine line-ups have bogged down local ice creams shops (seriously, bring a deck chair if you plan to hit up Sweet Jesus this weekend).

If you’re studying at Ryerson during the summer, you’ll want to make sure you know where and how to stay cool on campus. Thankfully, there are number of ways to beat the heat while hitting the books.

Visit the Beach

The Beach

I’m not talking about the east end neighbourhood (although that’d be a great idea for a weekend trip). The Beach is the 6th floor of the Student Learning Centre, the newest addition to Ryerson’s campus. This open concept space is equipped with huge windows and patio-style furniture, allowing you to soak up the sun in a generously air conditioned space.

Take a Dip in the RAC Pool

Ryerson Athletic Centre

We have a pool! This may seem obvious, but a lot of students forget that the Recreation and Athletics Centre is nestled right underneath the quad (and free for undergraduates to access). There’s more to do in the pool than just doggy paddling too; Ryerson offers water polo, scuba lessons, and lifeguard training in addition to general open swim hours.

Grab a Cool Treat on Gould Street

Gould Street

Those who frequent the Ryerson Student Union are well acquainted with the ice cream truck that’s parked curbside during the summer months. However, for those seeking something a little more sophisticated, Balzac’s Coffee in the Image Arts Building offers a plethora of iced drinks, and the farmer’s market that visits Gould Street every Wednesday boasts an artisanal popsicle vendor.

Find a Seat Near Lake Devo

Lake Devo

Now that you have a frosty snack in hand, why not kick back on the “shores” of Lake Devo? Numerous patio tables and chairs encircle the urban pond, making it a favourite haunt for Ryerson student and employee alike during lunch hour. If the breeze off the water isn’t enough, tables further down Gould Street have big sun umbrellas to keep you front getting too toasty.

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