4 Sure Tips for having a Productive Weekend

Ok, I know.  “Assignment” and “studying” should never be in the same sentence as “weekend”.  But unfortunately, sometimes we all need to turn down our various social invitations, to buckle down and catch up on schoolwork.  Even if you’re stuck at home all weekend, it can still be hard to stay productive.  Here are some ways that I like to get work done on the weekends.

1. Make a to-do list for each day of the weekend

Make a list of everything you want to accomplish for the weekend, and then break it up between the days you have off.  Start with the most urgent tasks, so if you don’t end up finishing everything, you’ve completed what needs to be handed in that week.  Overall, I find that to-do lists really motivate me, because I like crossing things off, and knowing that progress is being made.

2. Put on classical music, or a TV show you’ve already seen

classicalBlasting your favourite songs, or trying to watch a new series on Netflix may not be the best idea if you want to study or finish an assignment.  If you need a little bit of noise in order to focus, try playing classical music so you won’t be singing along, or play a show you’ve seen a million times.  That way, you’ll know all the lines, and won’t need to look up from your textbook or computer screen to follow the plot.

3. Sit at a desk or table

cat animated GIF

Sitting at a desk or table will help you be as focused as this reading kitty. Because this is normal.

I’m not going to lie, I really need to take my own advice on this one.  Doing homework or readings in bed is dangerous because before you know it, you’re waking up and realizing you spent the last three hours napping.  Sitting upright at a desk or the kitchen table will prevent you from getting too comfortable and drifting off.

4. Set aside your electronic devices, but remember to reward yourself

Get through this…

…so you can get back to this (at least for a little bit)

It is way too easy to type a sentence or read a couple lines in your textbook, before reaching for your phone and checking Twitter for an hour.  When you’re getting ready to do some hardcore schoolwork, put your devices out of arm’s reach, whether that be in your living room while you work in the kitchen, or perhaps on your bed while you study at your desk.  Having your phone right beside you probably won’t do any good for productivity.  However, when you do type up a whole page of your assignment, or finish studying a chapter of your textbook, feel free to check your text messages and social media accounts for 15 minutes or so, as a little reward.  Just be sure to put your phone back, and return to your study session.

5. Prepare snacks

Every situation is better with food.  Make some snacks before you get down to business (bonus points if it’s healthy), so you don’t have to get up every second for something to eat!

Giving up your weekend to do homework is a really big sacrifice, so you may as well make the most of it.  Set some goals for what you want to get done, and then focus focus focus!  It won’t be the most fun Saturday night you’ve ever had, but it’ll definitely pay off in the long run!

How do you prepare for a productive weekend?

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