4 Snapchat Campus Tours You’ve Missed This Month

What’s that? You don’t have us on Snapchat? That’s too bad, because you’ve already missed out on a lot of awesome content! We highly recommend you add us ASAP as this is a major key source to learn more about student life on Ryerson’s campus, and it’s a lot of fun!

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Earlier this week, we had a lot of students Snapping us requesting to see more of some buildings on campus. Of course, we couldn’t help but provide! Below you’ll find all of the Snapchat Campus Tours you’ve missed so far:

The Ted Rogers School of Management:

The Student Learning Centre and George Vari Engineering Centre:

The Rogers Communications Centre:

The Mattamy Athletic Centre:

Earlier this year, we also had one of our amazing campus tour guides take our Snapchat across our entire campus! Check it out here:

We have a lot of fun and exciting content in store for you this summer!

Between June 23-24th, we’ll be Snapping live from VidCon in Anaheim California!

On August 20th, we’ll be in New York City with another takeover!

Between August 22 – September 2nd, we’ll bring you live to Ryerson’s O-Week!

That’s not all! We’ll be continuing to do Snapchat tours throughout the summer, with around 2 per week! As you can tell, this is shaping up to be a pretty jam packed few months of content. Make sure you add us to your SnapChat now to stay up to date!

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