4 recipes perfect for snacking during class

Online learning isn’t ideal for some people, but it’s not all bad. It does have some benefits! One of them being you can eat during class. 

There is nothing worse than sitting in class, distracted by a rumbling in your stomach. Online learning offers the unique—and amazing—opportunity to snack during class, which I’ve definitely taken advantage of. 

Here are my four favourite snacks I like to eat before, during and after my online classes. 

Banana chocolate chip overnight oats

This summer, I hopped on the overnight oats bandwagon and this recipe is my favourite. It’sfrom Wholefully and can be changed to accommodate anyone’s tastes. I like to use dairy-free milk and yogurt, and omit the honey or maple syrup. These oats are yummy and healthy! This snack is perfect for prepping for morning classes when you just want to wake up and eat with minimal effort.

chia seeds, chocolate chips, oatmilk, yogurt, and oats lined up on the counter: all ingredients for overnight oats

The ingredients I use for overnight oats!

Me holding a mason jar with overnight oats inside

Finished the overnight oats, now into the fridge!


This is another recipe that is healthy, delicious and you only need three ingredients! 


  • A tomato
  • One or two slices of bread 
  • Some Italian seasoning or use other seasonings you like 

Chop up the tomato, mix it with seasoning and toast the bread. When the bread reaches your desired toastiness (I like mine lightly toasted), spoon the tomato mixture onto the toast and you’re done! A wholesome snack in 5 minutes. 

A mixture of tomatoes and seasoning in a bowl

The tomato mixture

Two slices of bruschetta on a plate

The finished product!

Chili beans and rice

This one requires a little bit of prep time, but is a perfect hearty snack if you have a class during lunch or dinner. I use this recipe from Madeleine Olivia, and it’s fairly easy to follow. All you have to do is cook rice, heat up a can of chili beans and add toppings. I like to add cheese, green onions and avocado. Delicious and easy!

A box of Uncle Bens brown rice

This rice is great for this recipe.

A can of heinz chili beans

These beans are perfect for this recipe!

Smoothie Bowls

This snack is definitely worth the effort. Perfect for a class that’s not too early in the morning, smoothie bowls are great for getting your fruit in for the day. They’re also good for customization. 

What you basically need is: 

  • 1 cup of frozen fruit
  • ½ cup of milk or yogurt (I like both)
  • 1 frozen banana (life hack: peel the banana and freeze it overnight)
  • Fun toppings! I like to use fruit, granola and/or cereal

If you need inspiration, Tasty has great ideas and instructions for smoothie bowls. 

Whenever I eat one of these I always feel full, healthy and refreshed. Why drink a smoothie when you can eat it? 

A carton of almond milk, a bag of frozen mixed berries, a blender with blended frozen fruit, and a container of lactose-free yogurt lined up on a counter

The ingredients I use in my smoothie bowls (minus the banana)

A smoothie bowl with strawberries, blackberries, and rice krispies on top

A finished smoothie bowl! Yum







One of the keys to life is embracing “the now”. If “the now” includes being able to have more flexibility in classes, why not have a snack here and there!

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