My 4 Favourite Projects This Semester

My first semester of second year Media Production is unfortunately almost over. I can’t believe how much fun I’ve had in 12 short weeks. I got to try new things, learn more about myself, and collaborate with amazing people on creative projects. Looking back, I’m so thankful for every experience that helped me grow this semester, even if it seemed impossibly challenging at the time. Here’s some of my favourite projects of the fall semester!

1. Final EFP video

In my intermediate EFP (electronic field production) class, we each had to direct our own short video. Directing was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My group and I encountered many challenges while filming, but the footage turned out great and I found out how much I love telling visual stories! Being able to make decisions and trust my vision for what I wanted the video to be was an incredibly rewarding and valuable experience. I’ll never forget my first time directing my own creation!

2. Pilot script 

In my dramatic writing class, our main assignment for the semester was creating our own tv show. We read and watched several pilot episodes of tv shows, studying the structure and characteristics of long form storytelling in order to be able to write our own full episode of television. I’ve always wanted to be a TV writer, but I never thought it of it realistically until taking this class. I learned so much about how to tell a story for television, and even though it seemed impossible at times, I found out just how capable I am. I was able to work towards a final product that I’m really happy with. It’s not easy, but writing my own pilot script is the greatest thing I’ve ever accomplished!

3. Youtube Analysis

For my Intro to Narrative class, one of our final assignments was an analysis of a youtube channel. I’m already addicted to youtube, so being able to write about one of my favourite youtubers was a dream come true. We got to think critically about the voice of the youtuber, their impact of their audience, the reasons behind their success, and how we can apply those practices to our own content. These types of creative assignments are exactly what I love about RTA!

4. Business Plan 

Our major project for my Business of Creative Media class was to create a media company and write a business plan for it. Initially I was nervous about this assignment since I don’t have a lot of experience with business, but I ended up really enjoying the process of learning about what it takes to run a successful company. The business aspect of any industry is extremely important to understand, and I’m glad I got to take an interesting class that taught me how to be creative while also thinking about how to market and distribute my content!

This past semester has been the most rewarding, and I can’t wait to see what next semester will bring. Until next year!


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