3 tips to make new friends at university

University life is more than just studying. It is also about all of the awesome people that you will meet, get close to and spend years working on classes together. I would even say the more friends you have, the merrier! Even virtually, there are still many ways to make new friends and keep your student life fun and engaging. Check out my ultimate tips and see if you can win a new friend!

  1. Be you, be authentic

They say never try to capture someone’s attention by being not yourself. Friends suppose to be the people you feel comfortable around. For someone new to be so, you will need to be your true self. Show your sense of humour, what interests you the most and your passions!  

I am glad to say that the Ryerson community is so diverse and inclusive that you are always welcomed here. 


  1. Join a student group

The best way EVER to make new friends who share the same interests as you is to sign up for a student group. This tip really costs you nothing other than a little bit of courage to say “hi” and the rest will be history!

Currently, there are 80+ student groups at Ryerson waiting for you to join. Whether it is a cultural-based group like the Vietnamese Students’ Association (VSAR) or an interest-based community like RU K-pop, there should be something out there for you. Typically, student groups will host their exclusive events throughout the year, even in this virtual setting, so you might want to check out a few that interest you to see if they are a good fit for you. To discover more events check out the list from ConnectRU!

Photo of a student group

Lunar New Year | VSAR

  1. Keep the conversation going

Let’s say you make new friends after attending the same events together. What’s next? Well, don’t hesitate to ask for their preferred contact and keep the conversation going. Nobody can resist a cute message like “Hi friend, this is Vivian, we met at VSAR’s orientation”.


Similar to how things work at networking sessions, your new friends will only be your friends if the conversation between you continues. Shoot your shot and win a friend!


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