3 TED Talks to Get You Through Finals

With the sweet taste of summer freedom only a few weeks away, studying for finals is the last thing any student wants to do right now. I’ll admit that I chose to write this post instead of preparing for my exams, so at this point I’ll take motivation from any source available.

That’s where TED Talks come in.

TED Talks are free, inspirational talks created and presented by people of various walks of life, career paths, and experience, who have 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most engaging way possible. These talks are a great burst of energy to put you in a productive mindset. They’re a great pick-me-up, and like most people I have some favourites. Check out these three TED Talks to push you to hit the books and get that 4.33 GPA!

Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator by Tim Urban

Let’s be honest, you’re probably reading this blog post to put off some schoolwork you really should get done. While I’m flattered you chose this post as your procrastination aid, you and I both know that finals are not going to write themselves. It’s why this talk by fellow procrastinator Tim Urban is perfect. Tim uses humour and visuals to explore the mind of a procrastinator with incredible accuracy (I have definitely spent an afternoon reading about the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding scandal rather than doing work). Tim’s talk reassures you that you’re not alone in the procrastination boat, and he helps you understand the situation and figure out how to deal with it.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Lee Duckworth 

I’m sure some of you have already started preparing for exams, and if that’s the case then I’m incredibly jealous. So this TED Talk recommendation is meant to help you if you start feeling sluggish and unmotivated during the exam period. Angela Lee Duckworth’s six-minute talk makes a case for the importance of having grit: doing your best work while keeping your long-term goals in mind. It’s the perfect push during those ‘off’ days in-between exams to get you to the finish line.

The Skill of Self Confidence by Dr. Ivan Joseph

No matter how much I’ve studied for an exam, my nerves will convince me that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. During my first year of university-level finals, I let my lack of confidence affect my studying and test performance. During the 2011 TEDxRyersonU conference, Ryerson’s Director of Athletics and varsity soccer coach Dr. Ivan Joseph gave a great talk on building your self-confidence. It’s 13 minutes of tips and tricks to help you look at yourself from a positive perspective. While you watch these talks, I’m going to work on my self-confidence letter.

Good luck on exams, fellow students!

Did you know that Ryerson has its own TED event during the school year? Check out TEDxRyersonU’s website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more information! 

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