The 3 Best Types of Music to Listen to While You Study

With midterms approaching, the familiar exhaustion of long study sessions once again sets in as we’re all busy trying to finish a million things at once while preparing for upcoming exams. There’s tons of strategies you can use you make your studying experience more enjoyable, but the most important thing you can do is put yourself in the right mind set for motivation. Listening to the right kind of music while you work can do amazing things, including increasing productivity, inspiring confidence, helping you feel more relaxed while you study and be able to stay focused for a longer period of time. I’ve outlined below what I believe to be the 3 best kinds of music to study to, as well as some of my favourites within these categories!



 If you’re like me and listening to music with lyrics while trying to read or write is too distracting, an instrumental score from one of your favourite movies could be the perfect solution. You’ll even feel like you’re watching the actual movie while you work! (I like to pretend I’m saving the world by memorizing very important world-saving facts). There’s tons of great soundtracks to find on YouTube (look up the amazing Hans Zimmer, who has done literally everything). Studying to a soundtrack you love could give you the extra push you need to accomplish your goals.




This is another great option for those of us who need wordless tunes to get us through. I’ve admittedly never been a big fan of classical music, but let me tell you, I tried this a few years ago and I’m hooked. Classical music is surprisingly very relaxing, and has a weird way of making you feel smarter just by listening to it. It provides just the right amount of stimulation for your brain to help it focus better on working. (Sidenote: I just learned that Mozart’s name is Wolfgang. That is all.)



And finally, if you’re one of those lucky people who can read, write, and memorize over lyrics, than picking a pump-up playlist is ideal for maximum confidence boosting. Pop, rap, or hip-hop is perfect for revving up your energy level, and making you feel like you can accomplish anything. (I’m a 300% better student and human being when I listen to Yeezus.)

Overall, the goal is to give your brain some outside stimulation to keep it from wandering, so this could even mean hanging out in a coffee shop, student lounge, or any other busy place with white noise that will be more conducive to working. Remember, putting yourself in the right atmosphere and headspace while you conquer your studying can get you through just about anything!

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