19 Reasons Why The #Ryerson2019 Class is Already Pretty Awesome

You’ve been tweeting/instagramming/snapchatting us, and trust me, we’ve been hearing you! The #Ryerson2019 class seems PRETTY cool in my opinion and y’all are going to make amazing #FutureRams. As we’ve been getting your posts we’ve been getting REAL excited for you guys to come to Ryerson this fall, you’re the best #Ryerson2019.

I was blessed with the news that I got accepted to my DREAM SCHOOL for this coming fall where i’ll will be studying Hospitality and Tourism Management. There are truly no words the fully express my excitement and relief after all this hard work. I can’t say this was easy and surely nit expected but I am so proud of myself for coming this far. I thank God for the strength he has given me and also family and friends who have seen me grow throughout the years. Ryerson here I come #Ryerson2019

A photo posted by E S T E L L E (@mxestelle_) on Apr 27, 2015 at 5:30pm PDT

I GOT INTO FILM PRODUCTION AT RYERSON. For all of you that don’t know, this has been my dream program for a while! (And it’s one of the top film programs in Canada, aka highly competitive) This is one of my top three! I’m shaking. I can’t believe it… I can’t wait. #ryerson2019 #filmproduction #futuredirector #futurecinematographer #dreams

A photo posted by Ala Lysyk (@alalysyk) on Mar 13, 2015 at 3:36pm PDT

#TB to when #EggyTheRam visited Campbellford… #ThePerfectPost to announce that I’ve been accepted to BOTH programs I applied to at my dream school #RyersonU #SoExcited #Ryerson2019

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