15 Things to Look Forward to for Summer 2014

With the brisk air and snow leaving us (sort of), summer brainstorming has already started happening for me! I’m super looking forward to spending my summer in the city and here are my top 15 things to look forward to for Summer 2014!

1. No school (self-explanatory)


2. Days spent on the beach.

  • Check out the Toronto Island or the Beaches for some prime sun spots!


3. Catching up on my readings, and not the textbook types!


4. Exploring Kensington Market!

  • Check out Kensington on a Sunday for Pedestrian Only Sundays! 🙂


5. Catching some tasty bites at foodtrucks!

  • These foodtrucks are gold-mines for yummy creations!tumblr_m10fkbp3eX1qg2bs2

6. Did someone say patios?

  • Everywhere you look downtown you can find a super cute patio to hang out on during those gorgeous Summer afternoons!


7. Making some extra $$$!

  • There’s tons of job opportunities Downtown Toronto to check out over the summer!


8. Hit up a music festival!

  • Be it Osheaga or a local Toronto festival, check out the super amazing Canadian talent at one of these festivals!


9. Check out an amusement park!

  • This is a summer staple! Load the car with friends and spend the day at Canada’s Wonderland for some fun in the sun!giphy (1)

10. Fireworks!

  • I swear there is some sort of celebration worthy of fireworks every weekend! So keep your eyes peeled on the horizon for them!


11. Try your hand at biking or roller blading

  • Head to the Toronto waterfront and use one of the amazing boardwalks to try your hand at one of these outdoor activities.


12. Check out the numerous city parks!

  • There’s parks with pools, dog parks, conservatories, you name it! The city is full of these amazing parks, so check them out!


13. Hanging out with friends!


14. Exploring campus without the hustle and bustle.

  • Ryerson during the summer seasons is gorgeous! So come on to campus and just take in the beauty, without school!


15. Relax!

  • Summer is about regrouping and refocusing! So take the time to relax and enjoy yourself! 🙂squidward-spongbob-relax-animated
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