The 10 Ways that University Changes Your Life!

University is a roller coaster ride. From the beginning to end, you are always left wondering what twists and turns you’ll be pulled on next. Yet even though there are many ups and downs, university changes your life! Here are the ten ways that it changes your life!

1. You find out your true interests.

Sports? School? Dancing? Acting? At university you get to try it all, which means you get to find out a lot of things that you do like, and a lot of things that you don’t like.

2. You learn the importance of sleep.


You will regret the days that you denied a nap as a child. Being in university makes you learn that every second counts. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, to the time your head hits the pillow at night, you make every second count.

3. Fashion.

giphy (1)

University fashion is a whole new realm of the world. I have never seen more well-dressed people in one room before. If you thought university was all about sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on; you may learn soon that students express themselves through their clothes!

4. Healthy choices

giphy (2)

When you’re in university you’ll either: 1. learn to love and care for your body 2. learn to love and care about fast food or 3. both! (Good thing ryerson has some yummy healthy options and two amazing gyms!)

5. You learn your true self.

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Thought you were in LOVE with art? Well now you might like history! University is a time of exploration and this allows you to try new things and learn more about your true self!

6. You learn that sometimes (all the time) your parents were probably right. 

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Remember those troubled teen years where you thought your parents were out to get you? Well you’ll start to see very shortly that they were doing it all for the right reasons, and they always cared about you! Your parents were your parents to help you blossom into the beautiful human that you are today!

7. You master time management.

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Ever thought you could be a full-time student, and work, and have a social life, and go to the gym, and have good grades? Well in university you will learn pretty fast that time management is key, and by the end you will be a master of it!

8. Friendships


When you come to university, everyone is in the same boat! Everyone is new and everyone is accepting! So you just have to explore and meet new people and you’ll be making loads of friends before you know it!

9. Enemies

giphy (6)

On the other hand of making friendships, you will also learn that not everyone has to like you, and you can’t please everyone, but that is A-OK! In university you should be yourself regardless! You will find the people that love you for you and those are the relationships that matter!

10. You get to make your life, YOUR life. 

giphy (7)

When you come to university, it might be your first time in a new town, on your own, in a new environment; but don’t forget that this is your time and make it what you want!

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