10 Things You’ll Experience During Exam Time

While I’m currently right in the thick of studying for my exams, I’m encountering the all too familiar period of struggling to stay motivated when all you want to do is relax and be done. I’ve gone through this many many times, but I’m somehow always surprised by how challenging it really is to do the kind of studying I want to do. There’s distractions, then stress, and it usually takes a whole lot of will power to get yourself to do the necessary work in order to do well on your exams. Even if start out feeling motivated, spending hours and hours focused on school work after a long semester takes it toll and its not easy to maintain. Here’s just some of what I’ve experienced during my time studying!


1. Feeling overly confident


I always start out feeling really good about myself, a little too good….


2. Dashed dreams


Then, reality sets in, and I realize it’s going to be much more difficult than I thought.


3. Exhaustion

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The lack of sleep from finishing assignments during the last few weeks of school on top of studying catch up to you and you hit a wall.


4. Hunger

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An intense hunger like no other overcomes you, the kind that can only be fed with large amounts of unhealthy foods.


5. Comfort


You gotta pick yourself and dust yourself off in order to get back on track!


6. Panic


Once you’re rededicated, you start to worry…


7. Tricking yourself


And all you can do is convince yourself that you’re in control and ready to dominate, even if you still may be a little frightened!


8. Super human strength


Possibly the best part of exams, when your desire to do well culminates into a burst of energy just at the right time, when you finally feel like you’re going to do well.


9. Relief


After everything you’ve been through, you finally reach the finish line and you can’t help but feel an incredible sense of relief.


10. Pride


You still may feel angry at yourself for struggling or not doing as much as you’d like, but whenever you face the challenge of exam time, you’re proud of yourself for making it through! You take what you’ve learned and you’re ready for next time.


All of these experiences are completely normal, so it’s important not to beat yourself up or feel guilty for struggling during exam time. It’s a hectic period for everyone, so do your best and you can’t go wrong!

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